Cheap land for sale on the side of the road in Sukawati, Gianyar, near Ubud, suitable for a villa or restaurant. Rare opportunity to own Property Investment in Bali
Land area: 22 are (2,200 m2)
Beautiful view of rice fields and mountains
Condition of dry land used to be rice fields, ready to build
Suitable for a restaurant or villa complex
Cheap price below market only 380 million / are (3.8 million / m2) rare opportunity to have property investment in Ubud Bali
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Exploring the Potential of Land for Sale in Sukawati: Steps to Tranquility Near Ubud, Gianyar, Bali
Bali, with its unrivaled natural beauty and enchanting spiritual aura, has become a magnet for tourists and tranquility seekers from all over the world. One location that offers harmony of nature and culture in Bali is Sukawati, an area located close to Ubud, Gianyar. Among the rippling green rice fields and sparkling traditional art, there is amazing potential to own land in Sukawati. Let’s explore it further.
Sukawati: A Combination of Natural Tranquility and Cultural Riches
Sukawati, located just a few kilometers from Ubud, offers an enchanting blend of stunning natural beauty and authentic Balinese cultural richness. Famous for the bustling Sukawati Art Market and remote traditional villages, Sukawati exudes a charm that is hard to match. Surrounded by green nature and fresh air, Sukawati is an ideal place for those looking for tranquility but still want to be close to the center of cultural activity.
Land in Sukawati: A Promising Investment
Buying land in Sukawati is a smart move for investors who appreciate the natural beauty and potential for property development. With prices that are relatively more affordable than Ubud, but still offering easy access to activity centers in Bali, land in Sukawati promises to be a profitable investment. Whether your aim is to build a private villa, holiday home or commercial property, Sukawati offers a wide selection of land to suit your needs and budget.
Why Sukawati?
Tranquility and Peace: Located outside the hustle and bustle of Ubud, Sukawati offers a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere, perfect for those seeking tranquility.
Accessibility: Even though it is remote, Sukawati still has easy access to various important facilities such as restaurants, shops and tourist attractions.
Development Possibilities: Land in Sukawati often has great development potential. With the right planning, you can build your dream property amidst the stunning natural beauty of Bali.
Cultural Richness: Sukawati is a place rich in Balinese culture. From traditional arts performances to cultural festivals, you will always have the opportunity to enjoy authentic cultural riches here.
Tips for Buying Land in Sukawati
Do your research: Carefully research the property market in Sukawati and consult with an experienced property agent before making a purchasing decision.
Examine Documents Thoroughly: Make sure all property documents are thoroughly investigated to avoid future legal problems.
Consider Environmental Aspects: Get to know your property’s surroundings to ensure that it suits your needs and lifestyle.
Make a Thorough Plan: Before building, make a thorough plan to ensure that your property meets all local regulations and fits your vision.
Land for sale in Sukawati, near Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, offers an attractive investment opportunity for those who want a combination of natural tranquility and cultural richness. With affordable prices and great development potential, owning land in Sukawati is a step towards a more harmonious and fulfilling life in beautiful Bali.
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