Featuring Spectacular cliff / Valley and green lush view this Freehold 4,000 m2 PROPERTY FOR SALE IN UBUD is located in Kemenuh, Ubud Gianyar, Attractive for Housing / Villas / Resort Hotel and a profitable PROPERTY INVESTMENT IN BALI

Please see bellow the specs and the feature of this Magnificent LAND IN UBUD BALI FOR SALE TJUB661

• Listing Title : Affordable PROPERTY UBUD LAND FOR SALE TJUB661

• Property Code : TJUB661 – Property Type : Land for sale

• Property location : Kemenuh Sukawati Gianyar Bali, 20 minutes drive South of Ubud Center

• Land Size : 40 Ares ( 4,000 m2 )

• Land view / settings : Extraordinary cliff / Valley and green lush view

• Land Contour : Flat Land contour – Condition : Dry Land / Garden Fields

• Land Shape : L Shaped with 5 mtr wide entarance – Land Access : 3 mtrs wide concrete access road

• Land Title : Freehold ( Certificate of ownership )

• Land Price : USD 223 / m2 ( USD 22,308 / are )

• Total Price : USD 892,308

This affordable property in Bali, cheap Land for sale in Ubud is located in Kemenuh Sukawati, close to Yanas Villa about 20 minutes drive South east of Ubud Center Gianyar Bali

This Unbelievable 4,000 m2 land for sale in Ubud Bali, a rarely found Property in Bali for sale possibly the most Spectacular land for sale in Bali land. Featuring Astonishing cliff / Valley and green lush view this Excellent piece of land in Ubud is one of our featured land sale in Ubud Bali listed on our Ubud property listings. Strategically situated in Kemenuh, Ubud Gianyar Bali, this Interesting cliff / Valley and green lush view land in Ubud Bali for sale is suitable for Housing / Villas / Resort Hotel. Reasonable land price USD 223 / m2 which considered very cheap compared to other Ubud land for sale this Astounding land in Bali for sale in Ubud is a Golden opportunity for Property investment in Bali Indonesia. Bellow are the specs and the the features of this inexpensive Wonderful 4,000 sqm Property for sale in Bali

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